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emerald city

I moved ! Seattle Washington is my new home, and i thought i would share a few pictures from my adventure thus far. Often called Emerald City due to it's vibrant green land, Seattle is beautiful all year round, but i've been told Spring is the best time of the year to be here.

During my first week there were pink blossoms bursting from every corner, making even the less than beautiful areas look absolutely gorgeous. There's a constant sea breeze swirling around you keeping the climate pretty moderate all year round, and the land is so hilly it seams you're either rock climbing or fall down to your destination, it's kind of fun !

I'm sure you will hear/see more from my time here, everything is so photogenic i just can't help myself !


Emma said...

Am very envious, Seattle has always been one of those places I'd love to visit.

Looking forward to more of your photos :)

celia said...

You should definitely make it out here, it's really worth the trip. Thank you, i'm sure there will be more photos soon :)