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Carob malt balls

There is this health food store about a mile away from my house that reminds me so much of this store that my mom used to take me to, even before we started going to Whole Foods Market. The old health food store that i went to as a kid went out of business about 3 years ago, it was such a sad ending. But now we have this new store that helps to fill the void.

I was at this new store the other day, wondering through my favorite section in any health food store, "The Bulk Section"(where all of the granola, dried fruit and chocolate covered goodies live)when i found these Carob Malt Balls!! i always have to try anything carob covered because, well, it's just so rare to see things covered in carob instead of covered in chocolate.

So i tried a few of them . . . and they were so yummy! I like that carob is kind of caramely, and that went really well with the malted flavor. I now think that all malt balls should be forever covered in carob from this day forward.

Last night i had a dream that i was at that new health food store wandering around(how typical of me to be wandering in a food store, even in my dreams!) when someone walked past me with a big bag of these carob covered malt balls! So random and strange. I told my mom about this dream, and we both started making fun of it, and adding some drama to it. we were like:

mom: "Well, why didn't that person offer you any of their malt balls?"

me: "I don't know!"

mom: "They had such an enormous bag of them after all!"

me: "and it was MY dream, they should have at least offered me some!"

of course we were cracking up during the entire conversation.

Then later my mom went out, and brought me back some Carob Malt Balls, how sweet is she? I am so lucky.

What is your favorite section at the health food/grocery store?


Caitlin Alexandra said...

The bulk food area is probably one of my favorites, but I am a complete sucker for the fruit drink sections. Not like... the juice boxes, but the Naked and Odwalla refrigerated juice smoothies and such. I bought three yesterday(: They are just so refreshing, and I feel so good after consuming them!

What exactly is carob?

celia said...

I know what you mean Caitlin, i love the kombucha drink section probably as much as i love the bulk section.

Carob bean- is most commonly used in a powder form. and is often used as a replacement for cocoa powder. Carob is high in calcium, pectin, it's naturally sweet, and caffeine free. much more nutritious than chocolate.

here is an article about carob: