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coconut chia seed pudding

coconut chia seed pudding
coconut milk(or any milk you like)
coconut creamer, i like the creamer or extra thickness, but you can use all milk if you want.
chia seeds
agave nectar
let sit in the fridge overnight so the seeds can gel. in the morning top with cinnamon & ginger powder(or cocoa powder if you want chocolate pudding) and puree the pudding with an  emersion blender. i think that puree the seeds is important because it is really hard to chew every seed in this pudding, and when the seeds enter your body they will continue to gel and suck up the moisture in your body unless you chew the seeds well. that is what i understand. i could be wrong but it makes sense to me.


Anonymous said...

the state of the seed is irrelevant. if its going to "suck up the moisture in your body" it will do it as a whole seed or a cut up seed. but luckily, this isnt the case either way, so you can eat your chia without fearing for your life.

celia said...

wow, thank you, i guess i never thought of it that way. i sort of have a fobia of swallowing things whole though, especailly like a whole seed, so i don't mind just blending them up.

jaime said...

I make this pudding too, but I include mashed banana to thicken it as well as maple syrup and cinnamon based on another online recipe. It is soooo good, and vegan friendly.

celia said...

That sounds SO good. If i still has some chia seeds in the house i would make that right now. I am definitely going to make your suggestion someday, thank you!